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Meet Caleche Bridal Designer In Adelaide

Head designer and creative director of the South Australian bridal brand Caleche, Liz Foubert brings all her experience and European academy into the Australian wedding scene. Since 1973 they have been creating a unique range of handcrafted gowns, currently they run their operations from their workrooms in Norwood where all of you can easily book an appointment and have your dream wedding dress come to life.

These stunning creations are stocked in selected stores across Australia and New Zealand and if you are one of the lucky brides to live in Adelaide or simply would love to take a trip to our beautiful state, you would have the opportunity to meet one of the most talented and caring design teams in the country.

They will not only create a beautiful piece for your wedding day, but will embrace your individuality and uniqueness as a way of making sure you feel confident and comfortable during one of the most important day in your life.

Now let’s have a look at what liz had to say about their most recent collection “La Dolce Vita”, their family and business life, creative projects and some really valuable advice to all brides who are in the search for their perfect dress.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


Tell us about your latest collection “La Dolce Vita”. Where did your inspiration come from?

La Dolce Vita was inspired by the modern wedding scene, particularly during COVID and post lockdown. We saw such a shift from traditional weddings to a focus on individuality without stiff rules or customary expectations. It was all about the couple and the love they have for each other. The La Dolce Vita collection is a personal love story about slowing down to enjoy the romance.  

You can see more about this collection here

Image by Haley Renee Photography

Image by Haley Renee Photography

What bridal trends do you see coming up?

Brides are definitely trending towards clean, simple styles at the moment. With a shift to less formal weddings, we are seeing more tailoring, short dresses and pants suits and sleek and simple lines. For the brides who are wanting to wow with their gown we are seeing trends of sheer 3D laces and statement sleeves. 


Can you share about your work/family dynamic when working together, how is it like working side by side with your daughter and other family members? 

Calèche has been a family business since its beginning. My husband and I have worked together since we met, so it’s very natural! We each have our own separate roles within the business but very much rely on each other for advice and inspiration. Everything is a team effort. 


I know you are passionate about sustainable fashion, would you like to share a bit more about it and the brand you have created with your daughter Jess?

Valerie and Bob is a fun side project that my daughter and I started last year. Jess has always been interested in sustainable fashion and so we would often make clothes ourselves. During COVID we decided to venture into starting a small business together and it’s grown from there. We decided to create a linen clothing line that is designed to be worn by all ages, shapes and sizes. My daughter built the website, the social pages and runs the market stalls while my expertise lies in creating the patterns. We do everything ourselves and have really loved every minute of building it up together!

You can see more about Valerie and Bob here


How being a locally owned, sourced and operated business has allowed you to best serve your clients in the current climate?

Being an Australian made business has been such a blessing for us and our brides during the current climate. Last year we saw so many wedding postponements and of course, very stressed brides. We were able to work with our brides individually to meet their changing requirements. Whether that be putting the gown on hold, finishing and storing the gown or even lockdown pregnancies – everything could be accommodated for!  


Do you have any advice for brides when deciding on the perfect dress for their wedding?

My most important piece of advice would be to stick true to your personal style. We all have certain styles that we feel confident in, and its different for everyone. You are the one wearing the dress and so you are the one who should decide what it will be. Don’t let others make the decision for you. You shine the most when you are comfortable and confident! 

To book an appointment and talk to Liz and the Calèche team about making your dream gown a reality visit their website or email the directly at



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