We do Wedding Photography & Film a Little Differently.

After your wedding finishes, these memories will be the ones to tell the story of one of the most magical days in your life. You won’t remember that the weather was not perhaps exactly what you expected or the small things that didn’t go according to plan. You will remember the laughter, the excitement on your loved ones and the look on your partner’s face as you saw each other for the first time on the day.

One day you will be sitting on that comfy couch by the fireplace, holding onto each other wrinkly hands, going through your wedding album and rewatching your film once again, and all the emotions and memories will come to life just as if everything would have happened the day before.  

We like to keep this process sweet, simple but always using a holistic approach. We are here for you, not only to be the ones who document your memories but to be your support team. To provide recommendations when needed, help you planning the perfect timeline and be the ones with a glass of sparkling ready for you when your throat feels a little dry.

To learn more about the technicalities, like how you will receive your photos and film, editing times and other curiosities please visit our frequently asked questions.

Our Offerings


We have an incredible team of artists available to document your wedding. Begin at $3,795.



Pre-wedding and family portrait sessions. We love seeing how your family evolves.  Begin at $750.


Visit our Fine Art printing store. Unique artworks that will adorn your walls.  Pricing Varies.




To say that we are thrilled with how our photos turned out would be an understatement, they are simply stunning!
We can't rate Valentina highly enough, she is a beautiful person and a true professional and we are so very honoured to have had her as our photographer.

"To say that we are thrilled with how our photos turned out would be an understatement"


They honestly made our wedding day all that more special. They get to know you, make time for you and don't make you feel like just another wedding.
It felt like having my best friend be the photographer and that is honestly an amazing feeling looking back.

“It felt like having my best friend be the photographer.”

Maddie & ben


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